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Experiencing Mushrooms - What Is It Like?

How does it feel to be on mushrooms? I get asked this question so many times. I know everyone is at least interested in the effects of psychedelics to their own perception. It’s okay to admit it. This doesn’t make you a drug addict or an uncontrollable criminal. It just means that you’re curious about the limits of our mental capability.

I want to start off by saying that I do not encourage that all people take psychedelic substances, nor do I believe that you need psychedelic substances to achieve great spiritual awareness. I do believe that through meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, etc. you are also able to reach levels of awareness that originate from the same fundamental truths of the universe. I will elaborate deeper on my beliefs in further posts, but this serves as a disclaimer that I’m not encouraging anyone to do anything, I’m just expressing my beliefs and experiences.

If you do decide to interact with mushrooms, make sure you’re setting an intention for why you’re even ingesting this plant medicine. Your intentions can be anything as long as they are true to yourself. I say this because 9 times out of 10, your awareness will expand as much as it is needed to achieve your set intention.

Most times your journey fulfills all intentions while also allowing you to make introspective revelations on your own perceptions and beliefs. Research all around the world concludes that a majority of all people who experience mushroom trips end up realizing 1 fundamental truth about ego. You are not who you think you are because we are all connected as one.  At this point in my journey, I made the realization that my ego can be shaped and molded to be anything at all. Its a very liberating feeling to be free of ego at this time.

The reason I even made this realization is because I was transcending what my current "sober" consciousness aligns with and believes. I instead realigned with a powerful universal energy that was already within me. This shift happens with everyone and often happens suddenly. This is why people sometimes have bad trips. They often are too afraid to accept and appreciate the level of awareness that is granted to someone when they take mushrooms. They instead try to escape the truths that the mushrooms present because, ignorance is bliss.

No matter how the journey is, good trip or bad trip, you always connect to the same truths about ego and our connection with each other as spiritual beings. At the end of the day you’re a human beings. No matter how many labels are put on you us. Anything past this root level of understanding is created by the ego which really isn't the true you. In this simplistic understanding, you begin to feel connected with the energies of the universe, since the same universal energy flows throughout all part of this current perception.

A mushroom ceremony is truly a beautiful experience that should be approached with full acceptance of any outcomes. We're connecting with sacred energies of the universe and the highest level of respect should be shown for this conduit of knowledge. Therefore I stress always having an intention set for why you plan on connecting with this powerful perception altering substance.

The only journey that you should focus on is your own. Always follow your guts and intuition when deciding on how to proceed in your personal journey because your intuition is always aligned with the same intention of your higher purpose.

Thank you for supporting our blog and expanding your perspective by listening to my own. I would love to hear more about your perspective in the comments below. If you would like to talk more about this topic in private, you can always message me on Instagram or Facebook


- Jona Hernandez


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