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No Justice. No Peace.

I want to take a moment to remember the following names. Those we lost to an oppressive system built on slavery.

George Floyd
Trayvon Martin
Tamir Rice
Sean Monterrosa
Eric Garner
Jamel Floyd
Michael Brown
Philando Castile
Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Arbery
Jamar Clark
Bettie Jones
Keith Childress
Alonzo Smith
Christopher Kimble
This list goes on and on.

Please keep in mind that none of the murderers in any of these incidents has been charged or held accountable for their crimes. Criminal or not. Suspicious or not. Black lives matter because all lives matter. How many names must we add? How many lives must we lose before this is addressed? The racially unjust and socioeconomic oppressive system we have in place must be dismantled and reconstructed.

When you think back to yourself years from now, will you remember yourself for doing the right thing? Which side of history are you on? You can make a difference and stand up for what is right. Please feel free to reference the following list of black empowerment donation links.

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Donate to Movement for Black Lives - Join in calling on Congressional leadership to ensure that future action prioritize our communities over corporation and pushes back against the use of militarization in our communities as a response to this crisis.

Donate to Black Visions Collective - Support the movement that believes in a future where all Black people have autonomy, safety is community-led, and we are in right relationship within our ecosystems.

Donate to Campaign Zero - Support the movement to end police brutality and violence in America through policy solutions.

Donate to The Bail Project - Donate towards a revolving bail fund created to prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system.

For the next 2 months, High Vibrations is donating 40% of all profits to black empowerment to support our brothers and sisters who are protesting for change.

This is your time to make a difference!

We can make a real change, but we have to make it together. Donate now. Make a difference. Stand up for what is right.

- James Hernandez

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