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The Tree of Life

You are a tree in the forest of life. Our roots, intertwined with one another as we share nutrients and fruits. The fruits of our labor, experiences, and character are constantly growing with us as we develop ourselves into the people we want to become. Do you want to be a bearer of bad fruits or do you want to only share the healthiest fruits possible?

Imagine for just a moment that we’re not physically human. We’re really all fruit bearing trees within a spiritual forest and we exchange fruits every time we interact with each other. Our closest friends and family members are our roots that provide the energy for our fruits to grow. The quality of our fruits is dependent on the quality of our own life.

This is the world we live in. Our thoughts and actions affect who we are and the people that interact with us. This is why we don’t like to interact with negative people or people who live self-destructive lives. Because if we hang out with them, we become more negative and self-destructive as well. Essentially, associating with bad people will cause you to grow bad fruit and, conversely, associating with good people will encourage the growth of healthier fruit.

I don’t know a single person in this world who is actively and consciously trying to live unhealthy. We’re all trying to become better versions of the person we were yesterday. The only way we do that is by surrounding ourselves with positive, healthy energy and working towards our goals and aspirations. Of course we all get stuck in the hamster wheel of stagnant development. A plateau so to speak. Many of us don’t know how to get out of this endless cycle because we’re too comfortable of the placement of our roots and the things that surround us.

You’re afraid to change because you’ve grown familiar with the tree that you are. Scared of the tree you’ll become, you avoid any path to change even when you know that change facilitates growth. Well sometimes you have to cut the bad fruit off the tree and relocate to a healthier location. This means literally cutting ties with toxic people and associating yourself with people who are positive and more like minded individuals. Your unhealthy habits and relationships are the only things stopping you from becoming a healthy tree with beautifully healthy fruits that everyone wants to share with you.

Take a moment and really assess the life you’re living. How healthy are your fruits and how healthy can they become? What’s contributing to them not being as healthy as possible? It doesn’t take long to see why you’re stuck in the hamster wheel and not growing. It’s time to get up and make a change. Do you want to always bear mediocre fruit or do you want to bear the healthiest, ripest fruits around? Start thinking more positively, live healthier, and surround yourself with people who are also working towards becoming better.

If you need help finding people to surround yourself with, start with me. Add me on Facebook or Instagram. Message me via the Contact Page. Let’s inspire each other to be better and let’s create the largest forest of only the healthiest and best trees.

- Jona Hernandez

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